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the steps of installing operation for SK-X80?

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the steps of installing operation for SK-X80

Step 1. Plz take apart the package and protective film, and then open the connected close plate,

plz see the picture.

Step 2. Raise the scale body directing at the down body and plz take the doubling plate into the hole of the up body, plz see the photo.

Step 3. Take out the screws and socket head wrench, plz put a shrapnel pad and flat gasket into the screw, see the picture and then tight up the screw.


Step 4, plz unlock the rope, and then plz put the plugs of five、six、seven core into the corresponding socket and then install the close plate. See the picture.


Step 5. Plug the power, open the switch.

Step 6. If the scale with coin acceptor, plz input coin , and then press male or female; if no coin acceptor, plz press male or female to measurement, and plz accord the voice to measure others measurement


How to use the machine ?

1. press :male or female ,then stand straight .

2. press fat ,then input your age ,then press confirm ,hold the white part in front of the machine

3. then put your arm into arm sleeve, them press :blood pressure .when you heard the voice ,then press comfrim .

4. then take out the temperature gun and put it in front of your forehead ,then press the button in gun .

testing finish ,take the ticket .

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