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Phenomenon cause analysis solution
The scale can not print/print garbled letters/be unclear 1. Install the printing paper well but not print. 1. The red light on the printer main board is always flash. 1. The printing paper do not install well, please install again until the red light is out.
3. Whether the print control board is damaged. 3. Change a new one.
4. Paper jam 4. Install the paper again.
2. The printer can work but can not print anything. 1. Printing paper installed instead 1. Install the paper again.
2. Whether the print control board is damaged. 2. Change a new one.
3. the printing paper is unclear 1. The printing paper is poor quality. 1. Change a new good one.
2. Printing head aged. 2. Change a new one.
4. Print graded letters. 1. The print control board is damaged. 1. Change a new one.
2. Caused by interference 2. move to another place or restart the scale.
3. Whether the time on the main board is normal. 3. Maintain the main board.
The remove control is insensitive. 1.Remove control receives insensitively; it can work only close to the scale. 1.Whether extending the antenna of the remove control. 1.Extend the antenna to the maximum.
2.Whether extending the antenna of the remove control. 2.Extend the antenna.
3. The light on the remove control is weak. 3.Change new batteries.
4.The receiving board in the main control board is insensitive. 4.Change a new receiving board.
There is something wrong with the digital frame 1.the digital frame can not turn on 1. the scale can not turn on. 1. Turn on the scale.
2. the digital frame has turned off. 1. Turn on the digital frame by remote contral.
2.Turn on the digital frame by the power switch at the back of the digital frame.
3. the power socket does not plug in well. 3. Pull out and plug in again.
4.Power adapter is burned out. 1. Change a new one.
2. the digital frame can not play the vedio or photo in the SD card. 1. wrong file layout. 1.Change to the suitable layout.
2. the file stores in wrong place leading to the file can not be recgonized. 2. Put it in the right place.
3.The remote control of digital frame can not work. 1. The remote control is power off 1. Change a pair of new battaries.
2.the angle of remote control and the scale is too big. Or the distance between the scale and the remote control is too far. 2. Be close to the reccepter of the scale.
No voice of the digital frame 1.Whether the volume reduce or to Zero.   1. Press "+" button or "No voice" Button in the remote control.
2. Whether the scale is in Measure mode. 1.Press the "reset" button in the back small keyboard or turn off and turn on the scale again.
3. Whether the socket of audio cable plugs in well. 1.Connect the audio cable again.
Problems of body fat measurement 1. can not measure body fat 1. The hands of measurer is too dry to measure. 1.use some water to wet the palm of measurer and then measure again.
1. Measure body fat directly without measure height and weight. 1. Must measure height and weight first.
2.The fat mainboard is broken or the socket is in poor connection. 2. Change a new one or plug in the socket again.
3.the voltage is not in the required range. voltage range:11.8~12.5
4.Wrong meausuring posture.(your palm must touch the four electrode plates) Read the user mannual.
Problems of blood pressure measurement. 1.Can not measure blood pressure 1. Measure blood pressure directly without measure height and weight 1.Follow up the voice.
2.The mainboard of blood pressure is damaged or the lines is in poor connection. 2. Change a new one or replug in the line well.
2.The arm sleeve can not inflate 1. The pipe is pressured or broken. 1.keept the pipe tide and measure again.
3. the arm sleeve continues to inflate. 1. The measurer moves his arm or body when measuring. 1. do not move.
2.the pipe or arm sleeve leaks. 2. Change a new one
3. The blood pressure meter is interferenced by external environment. 3. Turn off the interfernce and move the scale to another place.
4.Whether there is too noice when measuring. 4.keep silent when measuring.
Problems of temperature gun. 1. The measuring result is not accurated and the scale can not measure the body temperature. 1. The distance between the forehead and the temperature gun is too far. 1.the measuring distance range: 5CM---30CM
2. There is some sweat and some oil substance on the measurer's forehead or the hair blocks. 2.Wipe the sweat and tide the hair and measure again.
3. Wrong measuring steps. 3. Follow up the user manual.
4. the temperature gun is damaged or the connected line is in poor connection or the connecting plate of blood pressure and temperature is damaged. 4.Change a new one or replug in the lines again.
5. The temperature gun is interferenced by the external environment. 5. Measure again.
Problems of coin acceptor. 1. can not put in coins. 1. The LED of coin acceptor can not display. 1. Change a new coin acceptor.
2. The mainboard is not set in coin mode. 2. To change the switch into coin mode.
3. the component of mainboard is damaged. 3. Change a new component.
2. The coin accpetor can not set coins. 1. the method of setting is wrong. 1. reset again according to the user manual.
2. The coin acceptor is damaged. 2. Change a new coin acceptor
3. The coin acceptor can put in coin, but the scale can not measure. 1. The electronic circle of the coin accpetor mainboard is damaged. 1. Change a new coin acceptor.
2. The coin acceptor is in wrong set. 2. Reset it.
4. When setting, there is no "DI" voice. 1. the buzzer is damaged. 1. Change a new one.


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